Rebecca J. Moran

Rebecca Moran is a practicing fine artist, professional graphic designer and university professor. She is executive creative director and owner of a small progressive design studio, Spring Hill Studio, LLC located in Northeastern Connecticut, half way between Boston and New York.

Rebecca holds an MFA in Visual Arts from The Art Institute of Boston, a Master of Science in Art Education and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Oil Painting from the University of Connecticut.

Her commitment to excellence, exploration and communication is reflected in her lifes work. As an Art instructor she has earned a Connecticut professional certification, state and national awards in excellence and innovation for teaching art. Her graphic design work was awarded with an honorable mention from the National Organization for Women.

Rebecca has traveled extensively and has lived in Europe and the Middles East. Passions include typography, illustration and motion graphics applied to print and electronic media. She currently is teaching and freelances from her studio in Connecticut.